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A magnet link or a torrent file, GetBy.Download can help you download files at a very high speed, and can also synchronize downloaded files to more than ten cloud storages such as Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, pCloud, etc., none of this requires you to start your computer at all times, giving GetBy.Download, in the twinkling of an eye.

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By sponsoring GetBy.Download, help GetBy.Download get more bandwidth and more storage space in order to better serve you. Sponsors can get more parralel downloads, faster download speeds, more storage space, fewer restrictions, and more features.


$0 / mo

  • 3000 Downloading-points Per Day
  • SSL Encryption
  • UNLIMITED Monthly Traffic
  • Choose only wanted files from the large archive for downloading
  • Shared Infrastructure
  • Get more Downloading-points by sharing referral links
  • Only supports sequential downloading, can't pause download or adjust the order
  • 1 Parralel Downloads


$7.99 / mo

  • All features of the Free plan
  • Ultra Accelerator
  • Download without downloading-points
  • Can pause downloading or adjust the order
  • 1T Storage
  • 5 Parralel Downloads
  • Dedicated Servers


$14.99 / mo

  • All features of the Basic plan
  • 2T Storage
  • 8 Parralel Downloads
  • Can be synchronized to cloud storages such as Google Drive, OneDrive, pCloud, Mega

Smart bookmark

Want to download magnet link with one-click on the webpage?

The smart bookmark of GetBy.Download is enough. First, click the red button below and drag it to the bookmark bar; then, in any webpage where you want to download a magnet link, click the bookmark that has just been dragged to the bookmark bar, and then click the magnet link in the webpage, it'll open a download page, no need to copy and paste the magnet links one by one. GetBy.Download makes downloading easier and faster.

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Bind Telegram account

Want to add a download task directly on Telegram and forward it to your friends when the download is complete?

First, register and log in to your GetBy.Download account, then click on "Bind my Telegram account now" and click on "Start" in the Telegram application that opens through the link to complete the binding immediately.

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Bind Drivehub account

Want to quickly copy downloaded files to Google Drive, Mega and other cloud storage?

Drivehub supports dozens of different kinds of cloud storage. By binding Drivehub account, you can easily and quickly synchronize downloaded files to Google Drive, OneDrive, Mega, pCloud, Box, DropBox, Ftp, Hubic, Cloud, Yandex Disk and other cloud storage.